Helping Manage your Microbe Regeneration Strategy

Microbes are the interface between minerals and plants. Learning to assess the microbes in your soil, add whats missing and farm them sustainably to build soil to suit the crop you want to grow, will reduce your dependency on external inputs. 

The Credible Food Charity helps regenerative farmers build their most precious asset - soil


Sampling Soil

Agricultural soils over time become more bacteria, which support some annuals better. Our labs are able to provide you with a qualitative biological soil assessment and the type of crop your soil is best suited to support.


Soil succession

With a better understanding of your soil livestock populations its easier to regenerate soils to suit the type of crop you want to grow. The reports you get back from the assessment will provide you with this information.

RegenSoil : ROC fields.jpg


Managing microbes, keeping soil covered, cover crops, no dig and no external inputs are services the Credible Food Charity offer farmers via soil testing, education or consultation.