We'd love your support.


With Greenacres we can show more farmers that natural, sustainable practices can outperform unsustainable chemical farming practices.

To buy Greenacres we need 300 people to buy Credible Food Tokens valued at £150, in return for which they will receive one box of healthy fruit and vegetables supplied as and when they are harvested.

Your money will help to:

  • Purchase 6 polytunnels and all the equipment and machinery on 8 vergees of leased Soil Association Organic-accredited farm land.
  • Run a Community Interest Farm to educate anyone interested in healthy soil, food, water and air.
  • Quadruple the organic matter (carbon) in the farm’s soil to produce nutrient-dense, superior-quality food without the use of any chemicals whatsoever; not even those permitted on organic farms.
  • Provide a platform to educate people on the value of nutrient-rich food to remain healthy.
  • Demonstrate to other farmers that there are better solutions to reduce pollution than those currently under consideration and act as a catalyst to take Jersey farming in a more sustainable, healthier direction.


  • As a Community Interest Farm, we will return your upfront investment in healthy nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables supplied as and when they are harvested.
  • As a thank you, you will receive a 10% bonus on your upfront payment meaning that £150 will buy you £165 of produce.